Geometric Gateway: November 15 – December 12


The fifth moon (cycle), in the Mayan calendar, is upon us. We have stabilized trust and created a foundation connected to spirit to now radiate our unique expressions. This period of time we ask: How can I best empower myself? For each of us the answer is unique. We are unlocking patterns of creation and aligning to a more conscious and accepting global culture. This happens the more we are willing to be courageous, inclusive of self and others, and sharing with our voices, inspirations, and passions.

The 5th moon is represented by the Peacock. The peacock is seen as the Sun God Ra in Egypt. The Chinese attribute the five colors of its feathers to creating harmony in sound and music. Christianity recognizes Peacock’s as the symbol for death, renewal, and resurrection, like the mythic Phoenix rising from the ashes. Hinduism likens the Peacock to the goddess Lakshmi bestowing compassion, prosperity, patience, and good luck. There is a wealth of magic being gifted to us now from the cosmos and the cycles of the moon and time as art.

The Geometric Gateway for this period of time awakens an empowered heart to make choices based upon the well being of our greatest dreams and desires. Embedded into this Gateway are geometric frequencies of the circle (1) attracting purpose, triangles (3) allowing us to be grounded and at the same time connect to spirit, the square (4) stabilizing a foundation of trust and the pentagon and pentacle (5) empowering radiance.

Meditating on this Geometric Gateway awakens our unique expressions, visions, and vitality and our ability to share and radiate this awareness from an empowered place.

Geometric frequencies transform consciousness aligning and integrating the physical, mental, creative and emotional states of being.

Feel free to print this out, post it, share it, use it.

Creating art and sharing it with others is how I empower myself. May it empower you as well.

(Gateway created using compass, straight edge, pen and ink)

Enjoy life as art, art as time.

small art