new moon activate

“Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly.”

-G.K. Chesterton

What will it take for humans to make choices based upon our hearts callings and take quantum leaps into and beyond our wildest dreams?

Be wild. Take leaps. Be risky and trust. There is energy surrounding us aiding us in transformation and transitioning from one state of being to another.

Art is life. Create. Express that which dwells within. Dance your dance.

There is only one you who will create in the way you do. Be courageous and allow your self to feel the fear and do it anyway whatever it is. We all have fear. Let go of trying to control the outcome.

Harness your vision. Build your wings while you sleep at night under this new moon and awake refreshed and revitalized, ready to take flight, destination unknown.

In my dreams when I fly, it’s crazy because, the moment my mind doubts I am flying I start to dip down and I don’t want to dip down so I try convincing my mind that I can fly. And sometimes I do.

I don’t doubt magic and miracles and the light bursting through all of us at this time invoking us to step out and be seen and trust. TRUST. New beginnings.

I have studied, attuned and aligned to the forces active at this time of the New Moon. This is a synthesis of intuition and information. It is a Gateway.

Allow the mind to relax and absorb the frequencies into the subtle body. This is the language of light, the play of light and dark. Let it move beyond the mind to that place deep within where truth lies. Become truth in its most vibrant and raw and wildly wholesome expression.